My Final Blog Post :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I am so sad to say, but this is my last blog post. But lets just get on with this blog. First, we got to have field day and it was a bit disappointing because we didn’t get to have it outside, but it was still cool. I got CHEATED out of a first place ribbon in the 50 yard dash because the person who placed first (not naming names) but he did not go around the cone when every body did!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next, we got to have a class party and I ate like 20 nuggets and I got to eat the vegetables that I grew in the class garden. While we were eating, we got to watch our 5th grade play. I was really bad. It was still a lot of fun preparing and hanging out with my friends. Then, we got to have the award show and I got 4 awards. I won the presidential award, the writing award, the P.E award, and the honor roll award. On the accomplishing note, I accomplished both my goals for fifth grade. I can dunk on an 8 foot goal and I won the presidential award. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lastly, we raised over 2,300 dollars for Lucas. That is a lot of cash. But it isn’t about the money it is about helping Lucas in this very hard time. Along the way we made commercials, songs, and posters to help the cause. I want to thank all my readers especially my dad who read it every week and told my how good it was. Thank you and love you dad. But, this is to all my readers. Thanks. I File May 16, 7 22 43 PMhope you have enjoyed my weekly blog post. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( That is me in the teacher basketball game looking pretty swag if I do say so my self)


I just had a great week of school. First, I am in the Q and U wedding. Yay, but everybody is making such a big deal about it like it’s a real wedding. I am excited. Next, we got to Skype with South Korea. It was fun and there english was pretty good. Finally, we will play in the teacher vs student basketball game. I am going to guard my mom. That was my great week.File May 13, 7 39 16 AM


My week was great. First, I got to go to KARM and help out. We also got to meet DORIS. It is a long story but an inspiring one. Next, we got to begin filming. It is like an oscar nominated movie by a multi-award winning director. KIND OF? Then, we got our letters from Korea. In a couple of days we will get to Skype them and play GUESS WHO!!!!!!! Finally, we only have 9 1/2 days left. I am feeling mixed emotions. I am happy, sad, excited, and scared. But that is life and I think I will survive middle school. I hope so!!!! MAN, my week was greatIMG_6524


I just had a great week of school. First, we are typing out our movie scripts so they look like the real deal. Next, we still did some BORING test prep but now i am getting a lot better and only missing about one on each practice test. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, we had a sole singers concert and it was really good, but I did not know any of the songs. That was my great week. Mine is the one that is hiding. He is very fragile.

File Apr 22, 10 24 18 AM


I just had a great week of school. First, we got to work with our movie group. Next, this is boring but we did some test prep for the TN Ready test that is only 8 days away. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, we get shaved ice, but don’t worry it it for a good cause. All the money will go to a little boy named Lucas in first grade who has the horrific rare disease of cancer. That was my great week of school.IMG_6364